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Yuya "Me Quiero" Blush Set

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Kit of blushes with shades chosen by Yuya. It is ideal for a makeup that goes with your style.

Something that you must have in your makeup routine is blush, an essential step to give your face some color and bring it back to life in a very natural way.

This blush set is perfect for those who have a favorite color but want to experiment every once in a while. You have three amazing shades to choose from that you can combine to create new colors and make sure they match your style.

Its exclusive design and the size of the set make it practical and easy to take with you wherever you go. It's easy to touchup your makeup wherever you go or come up with the perfect look on the go.

Thanks to its pigmentation, you don't need to apply layer after later to get the color you want. Enjoy its parebens and cruelty free formula so you can always look fabulous.