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Contouring Set "Tetera"

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Countouring Set with the perfect tones for and easy application. 

Something that cannot be missing in your makeup routine is contouring, the essential step to be able to define the shape of your face and subtly highlight your features.

This set of outlines is ideal for those who want to explore different ways to use the outline and give their features a new definition. It has three amazing shades that you can combine to create new ones and make sure they go with your style.

The exclusive design and size of the set makes it super practical and easy to take with you if you want. You can touch it up whenever you want or if you are in a hurry and want to give an amazing but natural touch to your face.

Thanks to its pigmentation, you don't need to stack layers upon layers to achieve the color you're looking for. Enjoy its formula free of parabens and animal cruelty to look fabulous with any look.

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