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Yuya Eyeshadow Palette 18 Colors - "Metamorfosis"

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Every makeup lover knows that their collection is not complete without eyeshadow. They are essential when achieving those shocking looks we all know and love, and when it comes to them you can never have enough. The more options you have, the more colors you can combine and more new shades you can create.

The amazing "Metamorfosis" eyeshadow set has 18 nude shades that go from the lightest colors to the more copper-colored ones and can help you take your makeup to a new level. It comes with a double-sided brush to apply and blend the shades easily and comfortably.The colors were chosen by Yuya herself to help you create unique looks.

The pigmentation in these eyeshadows is amazing and you'll get to enjoy long-lasting makeup that will surprise you, but it also includes a long mirror that will allow you to check your makeup and retouch it if necessary.