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Republic Cosmetics 12 pcs Bamboo Activaded Charcoal 5 gr Facial Mask

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A good day of rest and relaxation is never complete if you don't have a good facemask. Even if you don't wear the infamous cucumbers over your eyes, this facemask will help create a moment for you to sit down and let go of your worries.

This pack has 12 Activated Bamboo Charcoal Organic that come in a very practical bag and help you get rid of black spots. It also has antibacterian and disinfectant propoerties that are perfect for getting rid of toxins and absorbing the excess oil of the skin and help you prevent acne.

You can get a bright and revitalized skin with a youtful and healthy appearence by adding this facemask to your skincare routine.

Remember that you need to wash your face before using this facemask. Once you have it on massage it gently so your skin can absorb it efficiently and wait 10-15 minutes before taking it off and letting your skin dry off.